Announcing SENIORITY HEALTH: The New Fitness Community For Men Over 40

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What's going on, guys? Clark, Mark, and Toby here today barbecuing up some food on the grill outside with the co-founder and CEO of Six Pack Shortcuts, Dan Rose.

Now, Dan is NOT over 40, however, has managed to run the #1 fitness YouTube channel out there, not only for younger guys but for us older men too. It's through the success of the initial Six Pack Shortcuts that we came to you with Abs After 40, Abs After 40 Advanced, and Test Max Nutrition.

So, we have a brand-new website that has launched for us guys over 40...! Check it out now at

Since the launch of the programs, we've ended up with a huge community of older guys looking for fitness and nutrition advice. With our original YouTube channel geared more towards younger guys, mixing in the videos and content for men over 40 starting mixing things up a bit too much for us.

At Seniority Health, we're all about helping us older guys feel younger again, getting the energy and body that we had in our 20's. What we want to hammer home is that we want to approach reframing aging. Meaning, since we can't really do what we did in our 20's and 30's anymore, what else can we do to stay in the shape and health to enjoy life to it's fullest?

We explore this concept on the new website and welcome in the mentality of seniority through our experiences in the military. We strive to be motivators and leaders for you older men out there, showing you that age is just a number and that getting in the best shape and health is achievable at any age.

In addition, keeping with the military in mind, we have decided to make charitable contributions to wounded veterans moving forward from Seniority Health. We are all about giving back to you guys, providing the content, workouts, nutrition, and tips that all men over 40 need to know about, and we wouldn’t be able to do it not for the sacrifices and dedication of those fighting to keep us safe and our freedom intact.

Not only have we launched the new website, but we’ve setup a whole new YouTube channel for men over 40 as well at Make sure to go there, subscribe, and turn on notifications, because we’ll be posting two new videos every week there for you.

And, to celebrate the launch of the all site we want to give you guys a chance to win some FREE stuff.

Just head to the new site and leave a comment on the post with your Facebook. The first 50 comments will have their choice of a FREE Seniority Health, Abs After 40, or Test Max Nutrition shirt.

We’ll See You There!

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